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Let me introduce you to KOUKA'S CLOSET

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Kouka’s Closet got the attitude, the sass, and the curves to make a woman feel good inside and out. What could possibly be added to make it even better… a great sense of humor. Welcome our newest Brand Ambassador, Atys Panch. He may not wear the clothes, but he LOVES to see the woman in them!

He has a great vision of beauty and fully embraces the idea that women of all shapes and sizes need to feel beautiful, look beautiful, and have a place to shop that shows off their curves.

When the reflection on the outside needs to look as good as the personality on the inside Kouka’s Closet is sure to keep head’s turning and booty’s popping until the end of the night. Help us Welcome Atys Panch, looking forward to work with you as we celebrate Sexy Clothing for Plus Size Curvy Queens.

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